Around The House Pictures

I have an ever-increasing repertoire of pictures from around my house because of poor weather conditions. I don’t think these kinds of pictures deserve an negativity, but it certainly does say something about how much of a homebody I am sometimes.

Stuck In A Dream

However, if I do stay inside, I try to challenge myself to come up with something interesting. This becomes inherently more difficult as I run out of ideas.


Try To Sleep

Invisible Man I

I saw somewhere on the web that someone was using an old projector screen as a backdrop for their studio setup, maybe I’ll do that after I figure out a solid DIY form of lighting. It’s not that I need my own studio or anything, but I do think it’s important to have a set space for lights and backdrops and tripods and all that stuff, that also doubles as my bedroom at the moment. I’d really like to do some self-portraits with flashes and softboxes.

Midnight Reading


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