Artists & Inspiration: Imogen Heap

I really want to get back to doing some Artists & Inspiration related posts. Imogen Heap is the best person to start off this series. She’s the reason for this category of blogposts because she is the definition of creativity and inspiration in my mind. Rather than trying to accurately describe the endless amount of fascinating things Imogen Heap has accomplished, I will give you a link to her website HERE and a brief biography HERE.


If you have a few minutes and would like to see just how amazing Imogen is, then I suggest watching her performance with her special gloves.

If you have a lot of minutes and/or Imogen has managed to spark your interest, then I would suggest watching her documentary:

Everything In-Between: The Story of Ellipse

here is a trailer for the documentary just in case you are skeptical about purchasing it.

Honestly, it is one of my go-to movies to get inspired which I find is an extremely hard thing to come by sometimes. It’s just the perfect combination of everything. -Alex


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