Artists & Inspiration: Phlearn

I recently stumbled upon a Photoshop and photography website called Phlearn. Aaron Nace creates all the video tutorials and accounts for virtually all the content on the website. New FREE photoshop tutorials are released regularly to teach viewers more editing techniques while using user submitted images as the canvas. This website is a godsend that I wish I had found back when I first started using Photoshop.

Phlearn is now my preferred online Photoshop tutorial website for a number of reasons:

  • It is headed by Aaron Nace, an established, professional artist and photographer. He is a credible source of information, unlike a lot of the other self-published teachers on the web. I cannot recall how many times I have gone onto YouTube and searched for something about Photoshop, only to find videos with distorted audio or an over-compressed screen cast. In other words — there are a lot of terrible teachers on the web, Aaron has raised the bar high and I never want to learn from someone that can’t do it as well as he can.
  • Aaron also creates more detailed tutorials of his own original images (and they are amazing) for a small price in the form of the Phlearn PRO Tutorial. After watching a ton of the free tutorials, I wanted to buy a PRO tutorial, and I was not disappointed.
  • Aaron is an amazing artist. I’d always rather learn from someone whose work inspires me. Aaron is one of my favorite inspirations because, not only do I love his work, but he shares all the steps he went through to create them too.
  • All the content and tutorials are done by Aaron. It is difficult to find a professional who is willing to share so much information with others online. Having the same tutor for each video makes it much easier to follow along. Some Photoshop tutorial websites accept user submitted tutorials, which is awesome, but that also means you have to adapt to everyone’s different teaching styles. Every tutorial on Phlearn is done in the same teaching style. This attribute of Phlearn is easy to overlook, but that is what creates a separation between Phlearn and everywhere else. Consistency is key to any successful content creator.
  • The website is extremely simple to navigate, you can subscribe to the Phlearn newsletter so that you never miss a sale, and all the free tutorials are on Youtube. Subscribe to the Phlearn channel and never miss a video.

Although I have only recently discovered all the wonderful things that Phlearn has to offer, I wouldn’t think twice about purchasing another Phlearn PRO tutorial. Phlearn is a diamond in the rough and I am so glad I found it.



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