The Good Parts of Getting Older

I’d like to share a recent experience of mine. I was at Newbury Comics picking up a graduation present and spotted the 2nd and 3rd films from the Lord of The Rings trilogy. I had already bought the first film a few months previous and decided to finish my collection. However, I was a bit skeptical about spending the money on the two films because I’d seen them all before but could not follow them. I’ve seen LOTR a handful of times and each time I’ve either fallen asleep, been distracted, or couldn’t understand what was going on. It’s very unfortunate. Lord of The Rings has always been one of those movies I’ve wanted to get into and enjoy but it just never happened.

This week I tried watching the trilogy again and it was great! For some reason I finally was able to grasp why so many people love LOTR. It’s funny really, I didn’t think my perception would change so quickly, the movie did a total 180 for me and now I love it.

I sat puzzling, wondering why I suddenly enjoyed the experience so much. I have since come to the conclusion that it’s just the right time. I think it has to do with age mostly. As much as getting old is seen as a horrible curse and every cosmetic product has been designed by lab rats somewhere to “take ten years off your body.” With age it seems that to a certain point you gain a greater capacity to understand things. I feel like I couldn’t ever understand or appreciate LOTR until now because I didn’t have the capacity for it.

I take interest in watching myself get older and seeing how my interests change. I used to regret not getting into photography earlier, but I think that would have been physically impossible. So far, my life has been a series of phases that have all been necessary for me to be the person I am.

If I had to reflect on the phases of my life thus far they would be:

-Baby (troll/screaming)
-Baby (cute/screaming)
-Toddler (angry/screaming)
-Little Kid (anxious/screaming/Elementary school)
-Big Kid (Anxious/Happy/Creative/Video games/Middle School)
-Teen (Anxious/Happy/Creative/Basketball/Middle School)
-Mid-Teen (Happy/Creative/Basketball/Technical/Photography/High School)
-(Now) Late-Teen (Happy/Creative/Technical/Photography/Cerebral/College)

I like being able to layout my entire existence in a few lines and see visually how I’ve changed and refined myself over the years. My favorite word I used to describe myself is cerebral. Cerebral, simply put means that you’re more of a thinker and intellectual. As always I feel narcissistic writing these types of things but I like that I’ve become more of a brains-over-brawn type of guy.

I’m always a bit annoyed when I’m at a party or meeting someone new or talking to a classmate and I ask, “What do you think of ____?” referring to a news story or a world issue. In response, most of the time, I get, “That’s good” or “That’s bad” or even more commonly, “I don’t know haha” which is obnoxious. For whatever reason I find more often than not that there is a lack of effort put forth in critical thinking. You don’t even really have to know the whole story on the news to take a position on it or think up what you feel is right or wrong or how you think a situation would pan out.

If there’s anything I enjoy about getting older it’s how much I can appreciate the things around me, learn something new and change who I am into whoever I want to be.


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