Artists & Inspiration: Pascal Campion

Since I joined Pinterest I’ve been exposed to such a wide variety of art that I did not know existed. Thousands upon thousands of artists go unnoticed and unappreciated on the internet but one great illustrator has recently bubbled to the surface of it all. Pascal Campion is the artist behind the Sketch of the Day project which has become quite popular and very unique.

The video (see above) details a bit of Pascal’s artistic process in which he develops sketches based on the emotions behind everyday scenes. He then continues to develop his sketch in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet to paint colors into the sketch and use adjustment layers to bring his concept to a fine glistening polish.

Unlike photographers, illustrators have a very distinct style to their work similar to the way one person’s handwriting differs from another. I find it interesting to watch as Pascal starts with a rough sketch on paper and evolves his work into something completely refined through digital manipulation and colorization in Photoshop. His work is an extraordinary representation of what can be accomplished through the use of multiple mediums. Pascal takes complete control of his art and only leaves the sky as the limit, a true artist, unrestricted and growing every day.

You can find Pascal on his website:



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