Artists & Inspiration: LOST

This week I finished watching the six-season epic television drama called LOST. The show is about a group of survivors from crashed airline flight “Oceanic 815” who are stranded on an island together. The show chronicles the risks the survivors of the plane crash must take and the hardships they must endure to survive. At the same time, the show details the lives of the survivors outside of their present day experiences on the island. Amongst all of the adventures on the island there is also a lot of mystery, drama and sci-fi mixed in.

Watching this show was a major commitment but was worth every second. I recall watching the first two seasons when the show originally aired back in 2004 but I was lost before I get to the show’s final episode. This time around I was able to watch the show entirely through Netflix’s streaming capabilities on my household Blu-Ray player.

Binge-watching television shows through services like Netflix Instant Streaming and Amazon Prime makes following the plot of complex shows like LOST almost complete child’s play. Everything stays nice and fresh, easy to follow. This is not something I could say for the show the first time around, waiting a week between new episodes makes things stressful and hard to remember but not this time.

If you are a regular reader of this weekly blog you may recall that I finished watching Vince Gilligan’s own drama Breaking Bad a few months ago. That was the first time I had ever watched a complete TV series front to back, season to season. Finishing Breaking Bad certainly helped to build up some stamina for the staggeringly vast amount of time LOST would take. Weighing in at 121 episodes and roughly 85 hours it’s about 1.5X longer than Breaking Bad, it may not sound like a lot but that much watching is easier said than done. I take it as a personal achievement that I was finally able to watch LOST from start to finish, it’s been a long time coming and now I can finally appreciate the show in its entirety.

LOST has a little bit of everything wrapped in a whole bunch of science fiction and I think that’s why I love it so much. Time to find something else to do.



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