Two Decades of Life

Today I turn twenty years old– it definitely sounds older than it feels. Turning twenty feels just like nineteen but plus one. I like to think of aging as a refining process, not a “getting old” process. Each year I try to smooth out a few more rough edges and maybe change a few things that need changing.

This is the start of decade #3 in my life. I feel a lot more prepared for this next chapter of my life as opposed to my tenth birthday. I know what I like and dislike, I know what I’m good at and what I’m not, I know what I want to get better at and set I aggressive deadlines to reach those goals. Getting older has made me more ambitious. When I’m asked what I’m going to do today, I usually have at least three relatively important things lined up that I want to get done.

It’s hard to explain exactly how I’ve changed, because nothing is immediate, there’s a million little things that when added together have made me a more effective and efficient person. The next ten years have so much potential because I’m at the starting line with more knowledge and skill than I’ve ever had. I can’t say for sure what will happen, but I know that I’m that much more ready for whatever lies ahead.

Anyway, I’ve added a few more things to my list of long term goals from New Year’s Day.

Every time I log in to WordPress it tells me to buy my domain name for some ridiculously cheap amount of money. Sometime soon, if not this week, I will be soft-launching my website- ie: buying a domain name – even if, for right now, it’s just the blog and nothing else. I’d really like to have my own personal online hub for anything that I want to share. I have a Flickr and a 500px, but those websites ebb and flow, and it will be nice to have something more consistent that I can control entirely.

I also want to get into digital painting. Digital painting is exactly how it sounds, use tools in Photoshop to create paintings that can be pretty much anything, detailed or abstract. If you’ve seen concept art for movie scenes or video games, a lot of digital art is very similar to that. The hard part for me is learning to draw.  I already have an extensive knowledge of Photoshop which eliminates the learning curve that I would’ve had if I was just starting out. Hopefully I can create some type of digital art/photography hybrid art.

Here are some examples of digital art from my Pinterest:

Music is also a big part of my life and I want it to go on record (haha.. record) that making music has been a growing interest of mine and hopefully I will create an album. Not today, not tomorrow, but perhaps sometime in the next year. Music is another way for me to realize a vision and create a mood to share with others. I love music, I love photography, I love art, and there’s no reason why I can’t be good at all of them.

I love creating things and being able to say, “Yes, that’s mine, I made that.” There’s music I want to listen to and art that I want to see that no one has made yet, so I think I’ll take up the reins. I’ll steer this ship.

Full speed ahead, steady as she goes.



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