Artists & Inspiration: Sony’s PlayStation 3

For my birthday this past week I decided to treat myself to something not directly related to photography. I bought myself a PlayStation 3 gaming system and I have absolutely no regrets. I’ve always been a big fan of Sony’s PlayStation franchise but I’m not really that hardcore into video games anymore. However, it’s been very interesting to see just how far PlayStation and the rest of the videogame industry has come since the previous generation of gaming platforms was released in the early 2000s.

While it’s nice to have better graphics and sound, I think the gigantic leaps that Sony has made are only a means to a greater gaming arsenal. Unlike digital cameras, where the new camera comes out and the old cameras are thrown away, the PS3 simply gives the gamer more options. If I want to I can play newer games that look very slick with a glossy polish to them, and I can also go back to PS1 and still play some Tony Hawk Pro Skater when I feel like it. Every game and every era of gaming has its own respective feeling associated with it and that’s a very important distinction to make, there really was no bad era of gaming like there was with digital cameras.

I can appreciate the time and effort put forth by all the different videogame creators who want to create an enjoyable, seamless and immersive experience for their gamers. For me, a lot of my inspiration stems off of the things that I expose myself to, I watch a lot of movies, I look at a lot of photographs, I read a lot of books, I listen to a lot of music. Videogames are all of those things combined and all of those things have the potential to influence and inspire me. My inspiration rarely comes out of thin air, I’m good at taking ideas and twisting them around and expanding upon them. Videogames are just another opportunity for me to get ideas. Purchasing a PS3 was as much of an investment for my imagination as it was a stress relief activity.



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