The New Wacom lineup.

A few months ago Wacom revamped its lineup of pressure sensitive tablets. The Bamboo was changed to the Intuos and the Intuos lineup was updated to the new Intuous Pro 5 models.

Many people wonder how I do some of the Photoshop work I’ve completed. They come up to me and ask “Hey, Alex how did you do such great Photoshop work? I would also like to do such great Photoshop work.” and I tell them that apart from using Photoshop for over five years now and becoming a Certified Expert, I use a Wacom tablet to do my editing and not a mouse. There’s no exaggeration on my part. Photoshop is built to fully utilize pressure sensitive tablets and using one has made a world of difference in the quality of work I produce. If I tried to do the same editing and retouching I’ve been doing over the past two years with a mouse I would probably tear my hair out.

What urks me the most though is that I tell people my response that really a tablet is a priceless tool when it comes to editing and they go “oh wow” and that’s about it. Very few people are willing to invest the money in buying this piece of equipment which, if you ask me, is probably the best thing I’ve bought in the last two years. Now there’s really no excuse to have a tablet as I was checking Amazon last night and found that the new Intuos Pen & Touch tablets now start at $75. I was thinking of picking one up just so that I don’t have to haul mine back and forth to school with me.

For the time being I can’t readily attest to the quality and durability of the Pen & Touch tablets but specs wise it’s worth every penny. If they’re anything like the Intuos 4 series like what I currently own then I would highly recommend it. It doesn’t look like it has as many buttons or a wheel to boot but I never use those features anyway.

Really, if you’re looking to do some solid editing, for $75 you can do a whole lot more than you would with a mouse.



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