Phlearn Affiliate Program

The other day I got an email from the good people over at Phlearn explaining a new affiliate program they’re starting up. What they’re doing is letting people like myself use a special link that essentially gives me a commission off of sales generated from that link. I immediately signed up and now you’ll find a “Learn Photoshop!” link here on the blog as well as on my website.

Normally, I’d feel a little bit like a sell-out or something from getting a commission for doing almost nothing but I feel like Phlearn really is “The Place” to learn photoshop. I’ve plugged their site a lot here on the blog and referred a number of my friends over there to learn how to do some insane PS edits.

I don’t know how many people actually have ended up on Phlearn because of me. The response I usually get when I rave about Phlearn and Aaron Nace’s work is something like “oh okay, ya I’ll check it out” and then it probably never happens but of course it’s their loss. I know I personally have found myself snooping around the PRO tutorials a number of times now and have never been let down or lead astray by anything that I purchased.

I think what happens with a lot of Photoshop videos and tutorial websites is that they all say the same thing but few deliver. It’s hard for a genuine and selfless Photoshop master like Aaron to break through the noise when so many other websites say “COME HERE FOR THE BEST TUTORIALS,” but I think Phlearn is slowly breaking through and I’m always glad to hear about them in more and more places online.

I’m super stoked to be amongst the first to know or to test new programs for Phlearn. I remember when they followed me on Twitter and Instagram and I thought that was the coolest thing in the world. I’ll definitely post here if anything changes. Use THIS LINK if you feel like buying some tutorials and have a great weekend!



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