2015 Rewind: 10 Accomplishments from 2015

Hello again, I’m back to blow the dust off the blog and get things moving again. I’ve been very busy and very sick the past few months, it’s quite the long story but I’m happy to say I’m feeling like myself again. Let’s look at 10 things I accomplished in 2015.

Finished On-Campus Schoolwork at College

I’m officially off campus for good. I am on course to graduate from school in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Media with a double concentration in Photography and Professional Communication. This last semester I had to assemble a printed portfolio of my work for the required Comm-Media internship this spring. Your professors review your work and try to place you at an internship site to help you hit the ground running. I didn’t have too much trouble with any of that stuff but I’m just a Nervous Nellie. I’ll be starting my internship soon and I am very excited. Senioritis was starting to set in this semester, I’m definitely sick of sitting in a classroom learning as fast as the slowest person in the room. The classroom setting has its place, but I find I can learn a lot faster on my own my own. Everyone is different.

Shot over 8,000 Images for the Theater Program

I was the company photographer for my college theater program this past semester. I shot over 8,000 images across a 6-week production period for our play Noises Off. The stage manager and I also organized a weekend of headshot sessions with the entire cast of the play of over a dozen members. It was a ton of photographing and looking back it was more than I probably should have done given the circumstances so this is a big accomplishment. I added some of the new headshots to my headshot gallery on my website.

Mastered the Print Room

In 2015, I had my work-study position with the photo department moved from the photo lab to the print room. The print room at school is regarded by many as a mysterious and frustrating space because there isn’t a class you can take that includes a good introduction to the print room and all its digital machines. So, unless you have a photo you need to print for an exhibition or a portfolio, you may never actually need to set foot in the print room to learn how to use it. Unfortunately, for most students, the print room is intimidating and difficult to use when it shouldn’t be. That’s where I come in.

The work-study student is supposed to maintain the print room and help students print. I learned, by necessity and because I’m a perfectionist, how to maintain and operate all the printers in the print room. It doesn’t actually sound like I did a lot but you would be surprised how many students don’t have a clue where to begin. I’m glad I could be there to alleviate some of the stress that comes with walking into a room you know nothing about. I learned a lot about digital printing this semester and I found Jeff Schewe’s book The Digital Print to be of some use as well.

Survived My Ulcerative Colitis Flare

I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis since 2014 and this past semester I had the worst flare-up I’ve ever had. I lost 35lbs in just a couple of months, landed myself in the hospital and had to finish school from home. I’ve been back and forth to the doctor’s a lot the past few months and I’m now almost completely back to normal. I can’t overstate how ridiculously insane and slow the process has been but I’m just happy that I feel fine now. I made a new blog just for talking about Ulcerative Colitis where I’m going to retell my saga if you’d like to sign up for that.

Had My First Kidney Stone

I had my first kidney stone the other day on 12/30/15. Yikes. I wanted to put this on the list of accomplishments because I had just gotten over the whole thing with UC. It would be just my luck to get slammed by a kidney stone. Really? Come on. Glad that’s over.

Started Eating Healthy

Now that I’m home from school I’ve been able to control exactly what ingredients get put into my food. I can make all-natural everything from scratch. This has been a very necessary change for me in 2015 and it’s not that difficult to do. Although, after being on a clear liquid diet for 8 days through Thanksgiving and after only eating toast and rice for two weeks I can’t say I had a lot of desire to go back to eating fried foods. Get yourself a rice cooker. If mine broke tomorrow I would buy another one, they’re that good.

New Writing Projects

in 2015, I started a new blog called The Film Castle where I review films and stuff like that. I’ll be blowing the dust off of that blog in a few days. I also started my UC blog and I’m brainstorming up some ideas for a book or two.


Lately, I’ve been drawing like mad. I recently realized the value of drawing for a person like me who is already into photography. Being able to draw out an image before picking up the camera is going to be worth its weight in gold because it will eliminate so much guesswork. There are a million other reasons why drawing is great but I’ll put them in another post soon.

Cinema 4D

I bought Maxon’s Cinema 4D software this past summer and it has opened up a whole new world of exploring for me. There is so much that goes into the CG work you see in motion pictures today and I spent much of my time last summer learning about that. Learning 3D software also gives me another avenue to a sustainable career outside of photography in some ways. For instance, I made a post a few months ago about IKEA and how their catalog is now 75% CG and that really moved me to start learning 3D software. I don’t think 3D will ever completely replace photography but it certainly has become more efficient and cost-effective in some areas of work.

My First Published Photoshop Tutorial

I wrote my first tutorial for www.PhotoshopTutorials.ws a few weeks ago and it is set to publish on their site on January 7th. I’ve written a lot of explanations and tutorials here on my blog but I thought this would be of significance because it’ll be published on a website other than mine that gets a good amount of traffic. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Thanks for reading.



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