Society6- You can buy prints from me even if I’m dead.


Today I wanted to share my brand new Society6 store with you!

I’ve always wanted to offer prints of my work but I have been hesitant to invest more of my time, space, and equipment into creating a backlog of print inventory that might not sell. On top of this, cleaning glass, matting, framing, packaging, and shipping artwork is not really my strong suit. It’s a lot of running around just to ship one item to one person. Luckily, I’m not the only artist that was thinking all these things and over the last 5 years many print-on-demand services have developed online that will handle all the “other stuff” that goes along with selling artwork. I found in one of my searches and haven’t looked back since. I can pretty much just make my artwork, upload it, set my prices, and let them handle everything else. It has been a joy. In the past 2-3 months, I’ve made more photographs than I have in 4 years of college (which I’ll post about later). Most of my new work and some of the older stuff is now available on my new Society6 store:

Right now I mainly just wanted to offer prints both framed and unframed but Society6 offers so many more products including mugs, clocks, bedspreads, pillows, beach towels, bath mats etc. I used to get kind of worried when people asked me about purchasing a print of my work because it usually meant jumping through several hoops on my end just to get a picture in their hands but now I don’t have to worry about any of that. I can just direct them to my Society6 store, they handle the money, they print my work, they frame my work, they package it, they ship it, and then they pay me my cut of the profits. I was also worried about print quality but it all gets printed on one of those huge large format Epson printers, according to their website it’s an Epson Stylus Pro 11880 “- the world’s most advanced 64-inch wide printer” which is good enough for me.

well you could probably make more money if you did it yourself” 

That’s probably true, you’re probably right but I think it’s worth getting a little less money in order to have my own online store that basically runs itself without me touching or buying a thing. Heck, I could be dead and you could still buy a print from me and you’d get it in the same amount of time. That’s what I’m talking about. Society6’s tagline should be “this guy died but you literally won’t be able to tell the difference because we do everything for him except make the actual original artwork so you can totally still buy a print or whatever you want even though he’s dead”

Seriously I wish I had done this sooner.





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