I don’t read many novels, most of the books I read have to do with photography or music or something really technical or boring for most people. Kenneth Oppel’s novel Airborn has been on my reading list for a long time. What drew me to this book is that it supposedly was the inspiration behind one of my favorite albums The Airship by Port Blue. A quick fill in- Port Blue is the more ambient/elevator music of the man behind Owl City. So, in reading this novel I wanted to sort of “cut out the middle man” and see what the inspiration was behind this set of songs in The Airship that I’d listened to a million times over.

I think what I got out of reading Airborn was a piece of the artistic process. I can compare the Port Blue album to the novel and see how different parts of the story were interpreted through music. This is something each artist has with their own work, everyone knows where the inspiration came from for their own work, but that may not come across to the outside audience.

My point is it’s fun to experience something that inspired someone else’s work that you like. It’s fun to backtrack the twists and turns of inspiration and watch how the work that is created from something else can evolve and change with different people. I would absolutely urge you to try backtracking with an artist that you like.



A few months ago, it was Christmas, and I received a book called, “The Best Camera is The One That’s With You” by Chase Jarvis. This has to be one of the best photography books to purchase. Basically it is states that any picture can be good regardless of resolution. The book stresses that you should keep a camera on you at all times. Why not? More picture opportunities! Chase used his Iphone for every photo in the book. I like most, if not all, of the pictures within its pages. It’s not really information intensive, you can just take a few minutes and look at the pictures if you want. This book has sparked alot of inspiration for me, I also try to carry some type of camera most of the time now.