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Hello again, it’s been a while.

You’ll have to excuse my absence over the past month or so from the blog. I’m happy to say that I posted a new blog every week for just about a year which is a big accomplishment for me. That being said I’m probably not going to continue making weekly postings for a while.

When I was posting every week I had pre-planned posts ready to go with a concept in mind. I haven’t run out of posts for the blog but I think in order to keep weekly “filler” posts from showing up I’ll just go back to writing here whenever I feel the need. This way, the blog stays fun for me, while also letting me get on with my schoolwork and not have the “what am I going to write for my blog tomorrow” thought in my head every Thursday night. I guess we’ll see how it goes. When I find something worth sharing you’ll be the first to know here on the blog.

Also I’m happy to announce my new sneaky website is up at, I’m still finishing up a few more things but if I didn’t start putting work up this summer it wasn’t going to get done at all. As an artist it’s very easy to say, “No, I don’t want to launch my website yet because I haven’t made all the photographs I wanted to make,” when really I’ll probably never make all the photographs I want to make. I realize it’s better for me to do a more progressive approach to my website, launch it, and add work as it gets completed. If you feel like giving me some feedback send me an email or comment on this post.

I’m starting in on my Junior year of college this month studying Photography and Professional Communication so wish me luck.



Hello again!

As I write this I am sitting amongst a heap of clothes and photography supplies looking to be packed away and brought back home for the end of the spring semester. I had a lot of fun in my Photo III class this semester which is all studio lights and Photoshop. I have been waiting for this class since I started at college as it is the photo course that is most in line with what I do on commissioned shoots and for fun in my free time. Personally, I think this was the most practical “real world” photo class we’ve had thus far but I guess it’s better late than never.

For me, this past semester in photography was much easier than previous semesters on film because I can play to my strengths with digital and Photoshop to my heart’s content. If there’s one thing I had to take away I think it’s important to remind myself to take a break when editing my images. I have a tendency to sit and do my post work for hours on end, which is great for getting the bulk of the work done, but the smaller imperfections get phased out of vision after a while. You may not notice it, but if you look at something long enough, your eyes get used to whatever you’re seeing and edit some of the smaller things out for you. It sounds silly but taking a break can go a long way. This isn’t something I’ve been able to do as often this semester because of other schoolwork and deadlines. Now that summer is upon us I’ll be able to sleep on a new image for a few days and look at it again to catch all the little stuff before finalizing anything. Overall though, I have really enjoyed being able to go all out this semester and hopefully this pace I’ve got going continues over the summer.

I’m very excited to get to work on some new concept images this summer. Each idea I come up with is always a little bit bigger and more difficult than the last which is exactly what I want. I can’t wait to share some new images with you!

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for new things at