Borrow lenses

This past week I used for the first time on a shoot. I ordered a Canon 24-105L for an event and it worked swimmingly.

I’m not always one for renting gear, I’d much rather own all the gear I use. However, I didn’t really have $800 kicking around to go buy a new lens, if I did then I would. So BorrowLenses really fit right in.

I setup my order for the gear a couple weeks before the event and setup the date for delivery. Everything arrived in pristine condition and returning everything was a breeze. Same box, labels included, shipping paid ahead of time. I’m impressed.

I guess BorrowLenses has really cornered a niche market with the photographer in mind. I’m glad somebody thought to make a photo rental service. It is extremely convenient for trying out pro gear and making shoots go a bit smoother. It’s not something I’ll use on every shoot but it’s in the back of my head if I ever need anything.



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