Artists & Inspiration: Breaking Bad

This morning, instead of waking up at some ridiculous hour only to head to a mall and stand in line forever or break a few ribs trying to get to the car, I decided to finish up watching Breaking Bad. What a brilliant show.

What I think is perhaps my most important take away from this drama series is the lack of faults within the production. So many times I find that movies and TV shows fall just shy of greatness because of one aspect of each episode that could’ve been better. Not with Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is amazing because it does not have any facet of it that makes me think, “Well, if Vince Gilligan changed this one thing the show would be perfect.” It’s one of the few spectacular productions that allow the special FX and camera crews to really get out of the way and allow the viewer to connect with the show and the characters. Everything fits and runs so smoothly together that no part of the show juts out and distracts the viewer from what was intended to be seen.

There should be a medal for this type of thing.



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